July 17, 2009

squirrel hunting !

Since I'm going to play some golf with Drift or Dai
tomorrow . . .
I went to go squirrel hunting !! (just kidding...)

There were like more than 10 cute squirrels running
around playing (^0^)//

But they are pretty stupid...

When I was practicing some short approach shots,
I tried to land the ball between the squirrly's...


one shot landed like a couple of inches away from
one fluffy dude and he didn't even flinch...

It's either he's super calm dude or he's a slow reacting dummy.

Well, I didn't want to hit any of them, so I just moved
on to practicing my long irons :P

Later on, I took these coins to the CoinsMaster
at Vons to turn them into bills.

There was a small service fee, but these coins were
more than $60 !!!
It'll pay for the golf tomorrow . . . . cool !! :D


  1. D: coinstar sucks! take it to bank of america next time. they have sorting machines there, and they give you cash for free

  2. oh really ? do they do that for non-BofA customers too ? i'll try there next time. thanks!

  3. omg you put your coins in a cd cover too!! haha