July 23, 2009

Takoyaki party !!

Yesterday I went to my friend's house to have
a takoyaki party !!
This is Kie chan's brand new takoyaki grill.
Oiled up and ready for some takoyaki action !!

Here's Takatori san showing us the special
Kansai style (Kyoto style ?) takoyaki technic :D

And here's me trying my best to make the
takoyaki as round as possible.

It didn't come out as round as Takatori san and
Kie chan's turn, but it tasted good (^_^;)

Kie chan also cooked us this Nikomi Chicken.
Super tender ! Super good !!

And she also made us this fruit pie !
I'm allergic to lots of fruits, but luckily
I'm able to eat this strawberry and blueberry pie !!

I got soooooo full and thought I don't want
anymore takoyaki for a while . . . .


I'm hungry for more already !!!


  1. I want it! I love Takoyaki.

    PS: I think your brother is next-door neighbors to my friend Vadim!

  2. Slonie,
    come get some next time !
    oh yeah ? but he's moving down here to go back to school in LA.