August 3, 2009

Dai Inada's Drift Academy

Last Saturday was the Dai Inada's Drift Academy
at El Toro. Taka, Yoshie, and I went to help out
with the grip course.
Here's the JDM Option meeting tent and the
goodies for sale tent !

And as usual, we had these awesome vendors too !!
Greddy, Yokohama, Bride, Ings, 5zigen, Eneos, Dmax...

Here's the Garage Boso crew Mike, Ross, and Frank.
Frank is being cute as always :P
And their Rasta S15. Ross was rocking 19"s !!!

I was long awaiting for this car to run and Alex
finally brought it out to an event.


Unfortunately, the car had some fuel issue and
didn't run well. I can't wait to see this 3.4 L
BC stroker monster roar !! :)

I had fun both gripping and drifting with my
Drift 102 Cressida.

These pics were taken by Shino Fujisawa.
Check out his blog for more great pics :


  1. 俺も早くミサイル作ろっと~。。。。

    haha~! yeah that is a cool banner !!

    kondo mo ii shashin yoroshiku~~~!!!