August 29, 2009

Drift Association GripDay @ WSIR with LOTS of SMOKE !!!

Today I was at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway for the
Drift Association's GripDay on the Streets.
Look at the beautiful blue skies !!! (soon to change...)
Here's Naoki brought two of his Drift 101 car for some guys
to rent and Taka brought his practice AE86 Turbo.
It was too bad that Taka's car wasn't working well today. . . .

These guys came as a 'bachelor party' group !
And one of the dudes were very eco-friendly !!

I think this was one of the baddest car out today !

That orange spot on Kat's 240sx is the reflection of the
sun covered by ash clouds from Glendale fire....

Oh, Kat let me drive her car on the track to see
how it feels. It felt great !! Lots of fun :D
Thanks Kat !!!

It was dark and windy, but very HOT !!!

There were a group of "AE86Nights" guys that
came out in their treasured corollas !!

The Big Track was occupied by the speedy bikers !
They've got big b@lls !!!

Here's another pic of the crazy ski !

Hung in the car in front told me that the Hwy14
might be closed, but when we got there, it was open !

I really didn't want to take the long way home, so
that was a very good news !!

Another pic on the drive back home...
Almost looks like a bomb explosion !!

I hope everyone around the fire was okay . . .

After getting home, I prepared for tomorrow's trip
to the WSIR again . . . . .
(why did I come back home ? it's cheaper that way . . . .)

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