August 17, 2009

DriftDay @ El Toro ! (DD Comp too !!)

Yesterday I was at El Toro again for Drift Day !
Since the Drift 102 student was renting Taka's
20V Corolla, I just brought my Cressida for some practice.

Here's Mark teaching the Drift 101 student and
Chris standing by to help out :)

Little far away, but Taka was teaching the Drift 102

Here are some of the drivers and if you have good
eyes, you can see Alex P's SC300.
He figured out the fuel problem and came back to
test the beast, but after few laps, the fuel filter
seemed to make problems. I got a ride in it and
that thing is very fast!!! (but very quiet :P )

We made a course to mimic the Formula D Sonoma course
so I hope it was a good practice for those drivers who
came out.

We also had a DD Competition and I saw a few
good drivers whom I've never seen before.
We had them try the highspeed "Sonoma" course
which was a little too challenging for most of them,
but I hope they had fun !!
(Pics of the winners should be posted on DriftPro blog)

This is one of the tires used on our Drift 102 cars.
I thought Nexen N3000 and N5000 lasts a long time,
but Taka said this Nexen CP641 lasts even longer...
Gotta try it next time !!


  1. More photos of the sc300! I wish we had a drift 101 for people here in New York City :(. You can even rent the car?!?! Someone teach me!!!!!

  2. Superterrific,
    just fly down to LA and we'll teach you. we've had many people from east coast and some international students too.