August 31, 2009

Industry Track Day @ Streets of Willow

Yesterday I went back to the WSIR to join the
trackday hosted by Industry Day and Mackin Industries !!

More pics here by Steve@MackinIndustries :
I had the honor to be one of the instructor for this day :)

Also, I brought my IS300 to finally test the

OS Giken Super Lock LSD (1.5way)

on the track !!!

The OS LSD made the car much more enjoyable
to drive on the track especially through the
slow section of the course. Unlike before, it
transfers 100% of the engine power to
the ground . . . . thus improving the overall
lap times !!! I was also using the OS Giken 250w
gear oil, so the super hot heat had no effect on
the great performance !!

Here's the Greddy camp !!
Lots of people hiding under the shade :D

And the Dmax camp !

Also, there were Sparco, Yokohama, and many others
with more than 80 drivers !!!

I took the wheels of my Cressida and used on the fronts
and these Neova AD07 performed great all day.

The increased heat from lap after lap didn't seem to
effect the performance of these Yokohama's !!

The smoke from the fire was much less today,
but it seemed to be getting worse when
we were heading back . . .

Definitely still burning...

When I got home, I was super tired but watched
the F1 Belgium. Almost perfect driving by Fisichella.
Great job to him and Force India for getting percious
points for the first time ever !!!

Also, good to see Ferrari on top of the podium too !!


  1. cool coverage bro,seem fun,
    btw i wanna ask u,ur cressida are using LSD or u just weld axle?

  2. singblue,
    i used to run welded diff, but now i have a LSD.

  3. bro hiro,
    jzx81 aftermarket one isit?how much does it cost over there?

    one more thing, between LSD and welded diff,does it make a major different while Drifting?


  4. singblue,
    the price for LSD's vary, but i would definitely recomment OS Giken Super Lock LSD. they are slightly more pricey than others, but it'll last waaaay longer. LSD or welded makes pretty big difference, but if you're used to welded, it will work.

  5. bro hiro,
    thanks for the info given,will try to find the item :)

  6. Woah nice, what mods are you planning for the is300?

  7. superterrific,
    no mods since i'm still paying for the car !