August 29, 2009

strings & sausages

As I told you, my brother moved down here in LA.
And I finally got the raquet stinger back from him.
(I really didn't need it since I never played recently...)
It's been like 10+ years since I last strung a raquet,
but my memory was still there and I was able to
string it without problem.
Now I'm ready to smack some tennis balls !!!

I went to VONS to hunt for something to eat and
found this !!
"Frosty Paws".... hmmm. . . . sounds good !


Good thing I read the smaller lettering descriptions
that said "Frozen treats for Dogs" . . . . .

This was right next to the icecream treats for
human being section. I bet someone will buy
this and eat it w/o knowing it's for dogs only.....
(because I've heard stories of Japanese businessman
who has been eating cat food while his business trip
here w/o knowing it was for cats !!)

I bought this just because it caught my eyes.

The pre-baked pieces were much smaller than
I had expected.
It cooked pretty fast and it was good !!!

Heading to WSIR for some Sat~Sun track days.
I don't have a single pair of good tires left, but
thank god it's a grip day !!
I need a tire sponsor !!!

1 comment:

  1. We should play sometimes.

    I'm not as good anymore, but I'll play.