August 11, 2009

this week . . . .

I didn't have much time to update my blog this week.

My brother moved to LA from SF. He'll be attending
Law School at Loyola in downtown LA.
And to help his move, my parents also came to visit
us from Japan.
This is his new apartment. There's six units in
this one building !!
(that's my mother and my brother)

We went to these restaurants and had some
good food :D

Also we went to Roscoe's on Pico Blvd.
It was my first time going to the Chicken'n Waffles,
but it was good !!

In a single week, we played golf three times !!!
I found rabbits, squirrels, roadrunners, but
coudn't find any snakes . . . bummer.

That's LA downtown in the background of the
third picture !

We also played tennis. It's been years for me,
but I had fun. Guess who won ? :P


It was good to see my parents in good health.
Also it'll be cool to have my brother closer in LA !

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