August 20, 2009

to Sonoma !!

I tried to post this a couple of days ago,
but lost my internet connection, so
here it is now...
Got my new FM transmitter to listen to my IPod.
I'm ready for my semi-long trip !! Giga wave ! This thing has a scan system so it
automatically look for an empty frequency.
(but I found out that manual search is better....)
Stopped by Moraga to my old college.
Saint Mary's College of California !

I used to play tennis here for Division I.
Good old healthy days !!!
(I was in great shape and no breathing of burning rubber...)

Then finally came to Infineon :D
This year, the Formula D is combined with IRL,
so it should be an exciting weekend

Driver's meeting where the judges are explaining
the ideal speed, angle, and line.
And the excitement factor !

Here's Taka practicing with Dai's new Falken
Discount V8 S13 !!


  1. oh wow.
    I visited that college recently for a wedding!

    It was so hot up there!

  2. BH,
    wow, are you serious ? it's a nice little college. the weather was actually pretty nice this weekend.