September 30, 2009

China trip Part (1)

Hello everyone !!!

I apologize for not being able to update anything
from China, because the internet connection I had
at the hotel was too slow and I couldn't upload any

And I've been sick ever since I got back from China
and been sleeping all day . . . .

I'm beginning to feel better now, so

here we go...
My first time riding the Korean Air.
The service and food was great as well as the
pretty attendants ;)
I got to sit along side Matt and Tommy probably
because of our last names... Powers, Roberts, Sumida.
They are super cool to hang with !!

This is at Inchon airport in Korea while we were
transferring planes to go to Tianjin, China.
Quoc and myself got lost from our crew, so we
just decided to get a breakfast ourselves.

Inchon airport was super clean and nice !!

With Ryan on the way to Tianjin !!!

This is the bus ride from Tianjin airport to our
hotel. Everyone is tired from the long long
plane ride, but we're all stoked to burn some
rubber in the foreign continent !!

Here's the blond shaved head goateed white dude,
Ross sliding on the Tianjin pavement with his
bodybag on his trusty skateboard !!

The reason we had to walk (skate) to our new
destination was because the bus driver dropped
all of us off at the 'wrong' hotel...

At the 'right' hotel, I finally met my fellow judge,
Tarzan Yamada. He was already here a day
early to setup the course for the local Chinese
drivers to practice.
After checking in, this was my bath room
in my hotel room . . . . .

. . . . . . continued.

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