September 30, 2009

China trip Part (2)

. . . . . continuing the China trip update.
This is still in Tianjin city, and Tarzan is weaving
thru the chaotic intersection...

This is the signal light made with LED.
Pretty damn cool !
But, whether the signal is green or red, it doesn't
have much meaning.
When you're crossing a street, you kinda have to
push your way in front of cars to make them stop
so that you can actually make it to the other side !!

I got the hang of it after a day or so... and I'm back alive too !

This is like a typical kiosk type store all over
town. Quite convenient !

I saw this painter dude hanging by a single
rope... I don't see any "Plan B" insurance
if the rope breaks . . . . well, it's his life...

Night out to the more modern area of Tianjin.
A lot of stuff was available here, including KFC,
McD, department stores, cafe/restaurants, etc.

The big gate to the Tianjin circuit !
That mexican dude in WDS shirt, Miguel helped us
a lot because he can speak and write Chinese as
well as English. Awesome guy !!!

Here's some of the U.S. dudes, Pat/Henry/Tommy/Quoc
getting ready to kick some butt !

And there's Todd Ho behind Pat, who was the third
judge for this event. He ended up being the hardest
working judge since he was the only one amongst us
who could speak Chinese and communicate with
the local staffs...
Great to see you again, thank you, and awesome job !!!

. . . . . continued.


  1. It look like formula drift game in China.

  2. en6381,
    well it's a place where japanese, american, chinese, and taiwanese drifters meet and compete for the winner, so it was quite an event !