September 8, 2009

drift event at Irwindale by Slide Assassins & Drift Association

On Sunday, I stopped by Irwindale to check out
the private drift event held by Slide Assassins.
I think they provided free lunch for the drivers . . . nice !!

Taka was there to shake down few things on
his turbo AE86 !!

I saw some familiar faces, but also many cars that
I saw for the first time.

Since we don't get to run Irwindale as much as we did
before, this was a great chance for new guys to try
the scary "House of Drift" track !!

Here's Taka warming up in a conservative line.

JTP was looking great, but when I took the pic,
he spun . . . . . bad timing !

Slide Assassin Mike Essa !

Matt "lower IS better" Powers !

Jeff Jones with his 1.5JZ (2J?) 240sx !

Carl driving for City Tire Online.
He's back !

I also saw Tommy Roberts ripping it up in
his gold 240.

And also spotted this car,

The Rotary Power widebody RX-7 !
Don't know who was driving it though...

I didn't stay there too long and on the way home...
I stopped by Famima close to irwindale to grab
a JDM icecream !!! :P


  1. hey hiro, that famima is really close to my house!

  2. Wow, I haven't seen the Rotary Power 7 for a loooong time.

  3. Benson,
    i should've called before i went so that we could've had a JDM icecream date !!

    yeah i haven't either. good to see it back on the track !

  4. lol,i dont know even icecream got jdm hehe

  5. cool, I didn't even know you showed up! lol.

  6. singblue,
    haha, there's everything JDM !!

    yeah, i was there for only a short while.