September 16, 2009

First time China experience . . . .

well I can't load up the pics because the internet
is kinda slow and crashes whenever I try to upload
a file . . . .

SO . . .

No pics, but here's how it went today.

On the way to our hotel, we were escorted in a bus.
As I looked thru the window to see China for the
first time, it was quite exciting.

People, people on bicycles, people on mopeds,
people in cars, people in trucks and busses
all mingle together in incredibly close proximity
on the streets of Tianjin.

And although it seems like all cars are
equipped with seatbelts, nobody... I mean
NOBODY is wearing them.


I see little kids literally sitting on the front dashboard
for the great view forward.

Pretty crazy scary !!!

The track was close from our hotel, so we all walked
except for Ross, Forrest, and Andy who brought
their skateboards. 

It was pretty funny to see 3 white dudes (unique looking!)
skating thru the streets of Tianjin.

And of course....

Crazy white dude + skateboard + Tianjin streets = tragedy

was the obvious equation.

Before Forrest made it to the track, his board got
smashed by this huge bus running over it.....

It was like  s l o w  m o t i o n  as we all screamed
"Ahhhh~~~!!!" as Forrest's skateboard was crushed
by the big tires right in front of our eyes...  Hahaha!!!

Good news is Forrest is okay and we're looking for
local skate shop to fix his board (or buy a new one!)

That's it for now  :)


  1. Are you go to 2009 World Drift Series in China?


  3. en6381,
    i just got back from China. yes i was one of the judge in WDS.

    drift cars uk,
    yup !