October 19, 2009

2009 Formula D Irwindale

I am finally recovered from the crazy weekend at the
FD "Judgement Day" at Irwindale...
I was there to help out Michi Takatori as a spotter/
translator with his team Bridge's Racing.
Michi's S13.5 had a new bright yellow color and looking
real good !!

Falken brought the actual ALMS Porsche !!
I wanted to see this car slide sideways ;)

Team Apex'i/Hankook was changing the final drive
before the qualifying for optimum gearing !!

Sam's Nuforms/BFG Viper was having a minor overheating
problems but the crazy mechanic Chip fixed it right away !
It's amazing that this engine has been runnnig for
the past 3 years without any major problems !!!
The tribute to Shaun Carlson graphics on the car
looked great too !!

Here's Maru-chan from Dricon.TV and Naoki from
Drift Association working hard under the scorching sun !!

I took this photo from the spotter station...
Unfortunately Michi's car had an engine problem
right after his first qualifying run . . . . :'(

Here's both of the "Rookie-of-the-year" !!
Matt Powers going against Eric O'Sullivan.
Matt was driving like a rock-star and got all
the way to Top 4 !!! Awesome job !!!!!

After Michi's car was gone, I was helping Taka...
But he had to go against our good friend Ken Gushi
from RSR Toyo Scion !!
It was a close battle, but Ken moved on !

As you all know, the Formula D 2009 Champion
went to Chris Forsberg !!!
I'm so happy for him because Chris and Kevin (LS Auto) has
worked so hard over the past years and they really deserve it !!
And also because Chris is the first champion
who is a 'real' drifter and not a racer !!

The RS*R Toyo Scion Team !
They have seriously stepped up their game !!!

Thank you Lawrence for the tasty steaks !
It was soooo delicous..... as always !!!

Mr. Ohara was here from Japan to help out Apex'i
Hankook FD-Rx7. He is the president of R Magic
in Kanagawa : http://www.rmagic.net/
His team competes in D1GP with the driver
Kenji Takayama. R Magic is building a RX-8 with
4-rotors for the next 2010 D1GP season !!!

During the event, my IS300 was sandwiched by
junky cars . . . . . . hahaha~~~!!!

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