October 1, 2009

China trip Part (3)

At the Tianjin stadium, cars for the American driver's
were stored inside...
The driver's worked on their cars to make them
competition ready !! (as much as possible . . . .)

Unfortunately, one of the TopSecret/Giti Team's
S13 had a major engine problem and they weren't
able to fix it in time... :(

But their S15 and S14 was running great.
I think they were the only 3 car team in WDS this year.

I went to this cafe restaurant a couple of times
because (1) the food was good (2) cheap,
and (3) the menu had lots of pictures !!!

One of the morning was the McD breakfast.
It was just the same as in the U.S., but the
Chinese combo came with the oreo-like candy bar !!
. . . . . continued.


  1. welcome back bro ;)
    its look like fun over there!

  2. en6381,
    yup it was good !

    yeah, my first trip to China was pretty fun !