October 3, 2009

China trip Part (4)

Just finished watching the crazy qualifying at the
F1 Japan in Suzuka... So many crashes !!!

Anyways, back to the China story...
I guess RedBull was one of the event sponsor and
I was provided with lots of this golden RedBull.
The taste is kinda similar to the U.S. version RedBull,
but this thing is non-carbonated... which makes it
taste extra too sweet. I had one can and that was it !!

This is the typical breakfast/lunch/dinner box we
were provided while at the track.
It was oily, but I liked it a lot !!

After judging the qualifying session, we had a couple
of hours before the sunset, so Tarzan and myself decided
to explore the Tianjin city a bit...

He proposed that we should take the subway...

He said "he'll buy", so I just followed him :P

This is the token/ticket for the subway in Tianjin.
There's a special magnet or sensor inside which
makes the entry gate open for each passengers.

And when you get out of the station, you just throw
this thing in the gate slot like a vending machine !
(so I couldn't keep the token for souvenir...)

Our station was "Xiao Bai Lou".
I had to remember this in order to come back to
the same place we came in...
(didn't want to get lost because NOBODY spoke english here...)

Here comes the train !!
As you see, the train and the station itself is very
new and modern.

Tarzan and I in the train.
Yes, we did 'stand out' a bit...

Got to our destination (somewhere...) and we walked around.
I saw these animated road signs all over town.

I'm assuming this says "Don't Drink & Drive! "

Walking around these backroads were the fun part.
There were bunches of random laundries being dried
on the street side cables...

Local elementary school...

Local kindergarden...

And two locales enjoying the Chinese chess game...

to be continued. . . . .

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