October 6, 2009

China trip Part (5)

While we were in China, we did party at night a little bit...

well, quite a lot...

well..... every single night...!!!
I don't remember much from these nights,
but I think this was at the club SOS near our

Here's Dart Izumida, Daisuke, and Champ Yamashita !

Larry trying to down the biggest Chivas Regal
I've ever seen.....

Now it's Ross's turn !!!

DJ Paul and Miguel in the back !
(Don't know who's hands those are on top...)

At a different club with the TopSecret/Giti tire teams !!!

Here's Kyle, Forrest, Quoc, Ryan, Pat, me, and Andy !
(Don't remember who took the pic... lucky I got my camera back!)

After this night at the SOS, I was throwing up pure
whisky for the whole day next day . . . . .

toilet bowl was my best friend for the day !! :(