October 7, 2009

China trip Part (6)

Here are some pics from the drift event itself...
Mr. Funatsu from FNATZ (who tunes Daigo Saito's JZX100)
was here to tune the Nichiei S14 driven by Ueo-kun.

These "10 years-old looking" girls were coming in&out
to the stage to dance every single time we had a pause
in the event. They must've been tired !!

One pic I took with full zoom from the judge station!
It blurred in a perfect way that they look like
they're going fast. (they're actually only doing donuts...)
Crazy American drifters...

All the driver's lined up and ready for the competition
at Tianjin !!
Congrats to Quoc and Ueo for the tied 1st place !!
And Mr. Cho from Taiwan for the 3rd place !

The judges : Todd Ho, me, Tarzan Yamada.
And the big boss organizer Paul.

With DJ Paul !!
(sorry, forgot the other dude's name...)

The first couple of days at Hangzhou was rain...
But the pits and the stadium was waaaay better here !!!

Tarzan standing on the Nichiei S14
during the opening ceremony !!!

Here's Dart Izumida, Champ Yamashita, and
Daisuke (inside the car) !!!

I don't know why, but all the politically superior
people got trophies after they each gave a speech
about . . . . ??? (of course i didn't understand it...)

Top 3 at Hangzhou competition :
1st - Daisuke Hasegawa
2nd - Champ Yamashita
3rd - Ross Petty

These two events were lots of hard work for the
judges and I was completely worn out after the
event was over . . . . .

The drivers in China still have lots of rough edges
that they have to clean up, but overall I was pretty
impressed !!