October 9, 2009

China trip Part (7)

Throughout the 12 day trip in China, I was only
able to do a 'tour' for a couple hours in Hangzhou...
So, I asked one of the translator to take us to the
West Lake which was close by.
(And I've heard that it was a beautiful place !!)

It was basically like a huge park with lots of water...

Temples and lotus leafs...


small museum on how they used to make
the chinese sake...
(that's Champ making the funny face... :P)

more Chinese looking buildings and briges...

and finally the huge West Lake itself !!!

It was a cloudy hazy day, but it really made the
lake look awesome !!!

Group pic by the lake !!
This place was really big and we were only able
to walk just a part of it, so if I go back to Hangzhou,
I'd like to visit the West Lake once more !!!


  1. hiro i cant believe you were hanging out with yamashita!!!

  2. Have you found some ancient secret in Hangzhou

  3. Benson,
    yeah, i just got to know him well in this trip. and he's hella seriously funny !!!

    no, i gotta go back there to search further ! hahaha~~~!!