October 22, 2009

China trip Part (8)

This will be my last "Chine Trip" blog...
I'll introduce some of the food experience
I had on this looooong trip !!
When we first arrived at the Inchon Airport in Korea,
Quoc and I had a breakfast in the airport before our
next flight. Mine was soybean paste sauce Tofu with rice.

First lunch we had at the hotel in Tianjin.
Food was little cold, but a typical chinese.

This was a pizza at the local cafe restaurant.
It was super oily, but super good !!!

I found this pitch black muffin at a Starbucks
when I went out with Tarzan.

Breakfast at the hotel in Tianjin.
Not so good. . . .

After getting into Hangzhou, I went to a Japanese
ramen shop called Ajisen.
The fried rice was very good, but ramen was terrible !!

This was at the Pizza Hut.
I had a wierd berry drink, but it was a very bad choice !!

Near our hotel, this 24hrs fresh(?) seafood
place had lots of . . . . . well, seafood !!!

Look at these fresh tasty (?) selections !!!

Another group dinner with local politicians.
These food were good. But way too much to eat !!!

McD !! The ice cream tasted a little different.
Maybe different kind of milk used ?

Chicken hotpot with chicken leg !!

This was the breakfast at the hotel in Hangzhou.
It was way better than hotel in Tianjin.

Final night dinner with Todd, Nichiei guys, and
Cho (No.1 Taiwanese drifter).
This was at a super nice restaurant near the West Lake.
Best food of the trip !!!


  1. many many nice food in Hangzhou.

  2. en6381,
    yeah, the food in Tianjin was pretty good too !!