October 30, 2009

from last week . . . . .

Been a bit slow updating my blog . . .
but here's some photo from the group dinner
last week with Garage Boso crew !!
Shinnosuke, Frank's gf, Frank, me, Hanimal, and Keigo !

The most stylish driver in FD, Ross. and Keigo !

FD Spirit of Drifting Taka, Frank, and Keigo !

Keigo, Frank, D Max Koji, Shinnosuke, and Takatori !!

Although we were all pretty depressing bad...
Takatori had the most strikes !!!

And after a fierce battle between the three of us,
Kie chan lost the bet and treated us a huge
Melbourne steak !!!
(I felt bad for making a girl treat two guys, but free steak tasted great !!!)

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