October 5, 2009

Top Drift Round 3 @ WSIR Balcony

Saturday was the Round 3 of JustDrift's Top Drift
Round 3 at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway's Balcony track !
It's been a while since I last saw Yoshie's KA turbo S14
in action. Although she was a bit shaky at first,
she won her first tandem round to make it into
the Top 8 !!

Here's Baker Precision Hung walking Jack's
daughter "Dori" (sp?)
(it was more like Dori running Hung arund . . . . .)

This time we used lots of those blue/yellow plastic
barriers to make the course look nice . . . . .


The damn gusty wind blew it apart into pieces . . . .

So, we just left it and make the course with moving
"active inner clipping points" !!!

Here are the judges of the day,
JTP, Taka, and myself.

Look how long Taka's hair is growing !!!

This slammed S2000 came all the way from Chicago.
One of "Risky Devil's" buddies !!

On the big track was some open wheels action.
I saw one car blow a motor into turn 1...
I thought somebody was drifting because there
was like 100m of dense white smoke !!!

Congrats to the top 3 !!!
1st : Matt "big wing"
2nd : Luke "turbo AE86"
3rd : Mike "Bomac"
The tandem battle between Mickie and Matt was
definitly one of the longest one in Top Drift history
with 4 "one-more-times" !!!

Triple tandem show by the top 3 drivers !!!

Great job everyone (^0^)//

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