November 10, 2009

2009 SEMA (extra)

I had my 'first time' experience in Vegas this year !
After meeting up with Iwata san, Mori san,
and Dominik, we went to the Miracle Mile to
do some shopping. Dominik, who used to race
GT500 in Japan and now racing Porsche in
Germany, got this loooong margarita !!

I got invited to see this show in MGM Grand called
(I was with the high-roller VIP group, so we always
took the Bellagio limo to go everywhere)

I took a couple pics inside the theater w/o flash
before the show started and later realized that
it said "NO CAMERAS" on the ticket..... ooops !!

I really enjoyed the show and the stunts that
the dancers performed. I think with the risk
that they have to face on every show, they
might be more crazier than drifters !

After the show, we went back to Bellagio
and ate this pork noodle soup at the 'noodles'.

Expensive ($14), but tasty !!!

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