November 14, 2009

eating out day with the J buddies...

Yesterday, I was eating out both for lunch and dinner...
We met up in Costa Mesa and went to Kohryu ramen.
It was good as you can see from Dai's face !! . . . hahaha~~.

Then I met up with Shingo from Hiro's Auto Repair
and Tomo & Hamamura from Tomei, and headed
to Seikouen in Torrance for some JDM BBQ experience !
This is the 'Hormone' grilling. It sounds and
looks kinda nasty, but tastes like awesomeness !!

Here's Shingo and Tomo !

And Hamamura and me !

Seikouen has been in business around 30 years
and this old-school cashier machine was still in
use. It's made in the USA and the highest amount
on the button is "$1" !!!

People here is also 'old-school' and very straight
forward, so you might be scared/offended but
they are actually very very nice people (^ ^;)

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