November 18, 2009


You might know that my name is "Hiro".
But my real name is Hiro-o.
(but I don't want people to call me 'hiru~' like rooster with double "o"s)
And wierdly, my parents live in Japan in a city
called "Hiroo".
I had to go to a classic concert straight from the airport
with my mother... And with the delayed arrival and
delayed luggage and customs gate...
We were late !!

Luckily, we were able to at least make the last half
of the show.

Right after I took this pic inside the concert hall,
I was warned by the hall staff that I was not allowed
to take pictures... haha !! :P

And the next day, my mother took me to another
classical concert..... This one was a lot better.

Since this was at another concert hall,
I had to take a pic inside...

I thought I took this pic w/o anyone noticing...


Right after I took this pic, there was an announcement
on the speaker saying...

"Announcement to the general audiences...

...Please do NOT take any pictures inside."

I bet that was mentioned to me since I didn't see
anyone else taking pics.... hahaha~!! :P

This is where I went for lunch today.
A French mother/daughter eating at a old school
JDM chinese restaurant.

And I had this 'Gomoku Yakisoba'.
Lot's of MSG taste, but I love it !!!

And after the concert, I went to "Matsu-Ya" and
ate this beef bowl with pork meat soup.
(Matsu-ya is just like Yoshinoya)


  1. are you in Japan or states?

  2. Oh really? when will you leave? So I will go to Yokohama(T&E) at Monday(23th). be in around Tokyo area 23th to 26th

  3. Can you get me altezza parts Hiro? Thanks you can be my Santa then.

  4. SuperTerrific,
    i usually don't bring back car parts back unless it's for myself because it's big and heavy. but what are you looking for for altezza ?

  5. Oh, Don't take it so seriously. I was just joking. I am looking for a TRD Altezza grille. I will get it myself though. Yes I do understand as well shipping is quite expensive. I hope your enjoying your trip by the way. The city looks great and the food as well. I am hungry now.

  6. SuperTerrific,
    haha~~, ok cool ! yeah, the food is awesome here. i just wish it was a little cheaper.