November 2, 2009

Halloween Party at Temple, SF

I was visiting my friends in SF and my friends
took me to Temple for the Halloween party !
This statue was lit up on the eyes like it was
blinking (opening/closing)... pretty freaky !!

There were 4 bars and one of the dude was dressed
up as a sushi chef !

DJ Ryan on the top floor. I met him later and
he's a hella cool dude !!

And the people.
Since I always stayed home to pass out candies to kids
in my neighborhood, this was my very first Halloween
party. It was a pretty cool experience !!! (^0^)/


  1. Looks fun. Every bar here had a fight in Manhattan.

  2. SuperTerrific,
    damn, that sucks ! we got there early and left pretty early before people got too crazy :D