November 7, 2009

JustDrift TopDrift Battle Round 4 in WSIR HTM

Today was the final round of the TopDrift series of JustDrift
at the Horse Thief Mile in WSIR !!!
As you can see, it was a very nice day !!!

Taka's 1JZ Cressida wagon made it from Vegas
to Willow Springs without any problem !!
Thank you very much for the ride Taka & Yoshie !!

Here's Mike "Bomac" Bolanos battling against
"Dr. Tone" !!

Congratulations to the Top 3 finishers of
2009 Top Drift competitions !!!
(and to all those who competed the whole season !!!)

1st : Mikki & Bomac

2nd : Luke Pakula

3rd : Matt Fields

these were the crazy ants at WSIR after Taka fed
them some shrimp chips !!!


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  2. Rogelio,
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