November 14, 2009

Redline Time Attack @ Cal Speedway on Sat

Although I was not able to run this weekend,
I stopped by Cal Speedway with Shingo to
check out some action at the Redline Time Attack...
Chris Rado's monster Scion TC had an broken axle...
I don't know where he broke it, but the course layout
was super long with using 3/4 of the oval !!

The Scion crews are getting busy with the fix.

The Sierra Sierra Evo who won the Super Street
Time Attack in Buttonwillow a few days ago !

I haven't seen Tarzan since my trip to China,
but he was again piloting the Crawford Impreza STI !

Props to this guy bringing his beaten Volvo.
I'm glad to know what even if I brought my
Cressida, it wouldn't have been the
worst looking car... haha!!

Matt is putting up his Yokohama tent.
He's repping ADVAN as well as running the
track himself with his Nissan 240sx !

Here's Rhys talking about how he broke his rear wing
just by the sheer downforce from highspeed on this
huge track. The section where the wing meets the
bracket was heavily cracked !!

I also met a lot of guys like Tanner, Alex P, Jake,
Ross F, Vincent, Mike, Sean, Aki, Paul, . . . .
well, lots of my friends !!

I even saw Paul Walker driving his R34 GTR.

The usual suspects at race events....
JDM Steve and Shinnosuke Fujisawa.
They're always taking spyshots of me . . . . .
picking my nose or something...

Hope more spectators will show up tomorrow
for the main competition event !!!


  1. The Tarzan Impreza STI is great.

  2. en6381,
    yeah, hope he does good today !

  3. Paul Walker was there? Ahh...He owes Dominick a "ten second car" Overall who ran the fastest?

  4. SuperTerrific,
    yeah he was there!! i'm not sure what the result was since i didn't go on the main day...