November 6, 2009

SEMA 2009

This year's SEMA was the wierdest one that I've
been to in the last 5 years . . . .
Although I only got there at Weds morning,
throughout the whole week, I only had 3 drinks !!!
Here's the OS Giken USA booth.
Sean is working hard with a customer while
Mark is . . . . . thinking of future marketing
strategies... I think ! :P

This OS Super Lock LSD lasts for the longest
time ! Low maintenance, super endurance !!

They had this clutch pedel "feeler" machine to
feel the difference between different types of
clutches they offered ! What a cool idea !!!

Our good friend Robbie Nishida will be piloting this
brand new R35 GTR !!!
Along with many other brand new machines for 2010,
next year's Formula D is gonna be exciting !!

So, I'll be drifting this brand new looking vehicle !

J/K !!

On a more serious note . . . .

I'll be drifting this new machine from Lexus !!

A dream car with incredible V10 !

yeah... a dream...

I WISH !!!