November 19, 2009


Did a little 'tour' in downtown Tokyo.
(Although I 'live' in Tokyo...)
Tokyo Metropolitan government building !

Tokyo Metropolitan meeting room for city leaders.

Lunch at Shinjyuku.
Looks gourgeous and tasted great, but all this
was only for about $15 !!

At a stairway in subway station.

I've never seen this 'wavy' handle !

Exiting from the Meiji Jingu Temple !

Harajuku Station !
Gwen Stefani fan knows where this is !!

A little cozy walkway by the Omote Sando Hills !

The condom shop... Condomania !!

Tokyo Tower seen from Roppongi.

(where we call here 'Gi-roppon' )


  1. Ah! I'm going in 3 weeks! (And will be there for the following three weeks!)

  2. Slonie,
    awesome !! but i guess i'll miss you here. are you coming alone ?