December 9, 2009

E-B-I-S-U circuit !!!

Last night i came back from Roppongi at 5am and since
Keigo (Garage Boso mechanic) was coming to pick me up
at 6am, I took a quick shower and met him up and...

headed to the world famous "EBISU" circuit in Fukushima !!
We got there in about 3hrs. It's colder in Ebisu compared
to Tokyo, but very nice day with blue skies !

If you can read Japanese, you can see how 'funny'
these signs are.
Multi-integration of a race track and a wild animal park !!!

The EBISU Minami (south) course !!!

With Keigo and his 180sx !!

Like I said, the EBISU circuit is inside the
"Touhoku Safari Park" and there are wild animals
all over around the race tracks !!

I saw white tiger, white lions, white zebras, white kangaroos . . . .etc.

On the way home, we stopped by
Utsunomiya city in Tochigi
(the home of Emperor Koguchi)

BN Kaicho~ took us to this Gyoza restaurant
which has 400 different kinds of gyozas !!!
(Utsunomiya is very famous for gyoza - pot stickers)

We even ate "chocolate gyoza" !!! (not bad !!)

Thanks a lot Keigo for taking me up to
the holy land of drift . . . . EBISU !!!

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