December 29, 2009


I've been super busy & lazy at the same time while
I was in Japan, so haven't blogged for a couple of
(and now i'm back in the States.....)
Well, one of the many interesting experiences I had
in Tokyo in this trip was this show in Akihabara.

It's a show called "Girl's Ground Wrestling".....

I went to the show to see this guys, a buddy from
my college years.
His name is Oriba and he is a professional underground
celebrity, who gets involved in various types of events
all over Tokyo.

That's him with the red cowboy costume !!
And the two girls next to him is the contender from
his team "Oriba's Gang" !!

This event was basically a pillow fight between
two girls sitting on a sheet of Futon.
And they fight till the other girl gives up.

Here, one of the Oriba's gang girl is fighting a girl
from another team...

And Oriba himself getting beat up by the same
two girls . . . . . don't know why :P

It was a very very interesting experience and the place
was packed with "Akiba-kei" people.

And after the show, we gathered up for a good
izakaya meal with Oriba and my other buddies
from college !!!

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