December 13, 2009

O-s-a-k-a !!!

Last week, I made a day trip to Osaka.

Osaka's professional baseball team, Hanshin Tigers !!
(btw, next year is the "Year of Tiger" !!)
Hope they'll do well in 2010 !!!

One place I really wanted to go in Osaka was the
"Tsuutenkaku Tower".
(sort of like a Osaka version of 'Tokyo Tower' )

"Doubutsuen-mae" is the closest train station stop.

When I came out of the train station, I saw this
'Entrace to the Shinsekai/Tsuutenkaku' sign.

It's a pretty ghetto walkway, but it's got the feel of
the old school town !

Tsuutentaku shopping walkway.

Finally, little glimpse of the Tsuutenkaku tower !

On the way, there's bunches of Takoyaki shops,
Kushikatsu shops, and variety goods stores !!!

The "Tsuutenkaku Tower" !!

This is "Billiken" God.
He sits at the top of the tower.
He is the God of Osaka area.
(but I heard that Billiken is a God from another country...)

The scene viewing seats.
Wierd ?!?!

I bought an icecream at the souvenir shop !!
I remember eating this when I was a little kid.

One the way home, I wanted to stop by at a
Takoyaki shop...

Then I saw this place crowded by the local school boys.
I thought if the 'local' dudes were eating here,
it must be good !! ; )

The 'cook' who made me the Takoyaki, was this
girl with heavy duty make up.
She didn't smile at all... wasn't particulary nice or anything,
but her Takoyaki was pretty damn good !!!
(looks can be deceiving . . .)

And of course, I bought this "Takoyaki Marimokkori"
for my usual souvenir !!

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