December 17, 2009


Today I went to Yokohama and visited a couple
of big shops...
WELD Techniques Factory in Tsuzuki, Yokohama !

That black GTR is Daisuke Hasegawa's and it's tuned
by HKS pushing over 600hp !!
(I got a ride in it... it was faaast!!!)

The famous D1GP car driven by Champ Yamashita !

Built up to the beautiful WELD spec by Ito san !
Ito san was out of the shop, but I got to say hi to
Kaz Takahashi from Xanthic !!

Then I visited SUI:VAX.

The factory of Car Make T&E by Ueno Takahiro !!

The long running Soarer and the brand new
BMW M3 powered by 2JZ !!

"God Hand" Koyama-san was here to help
with the tuning of the customers car.
Also, Toshiking "Yosshi~" Yoshioka stopped by
for a second, but was gone like a wind....


  1. My biasness is kicking in. I am taking a liking into the T&E Aristo the most :). Please convince Ueno to go back to the soarer :). 600HP GTR is not bad also!

  2. waaaaa must be fun visiting those garage hehe...envy me lol hahaha

  3. Superterrific,
    yeah, ueno san is struggling a lot with his new bimmer, but i'm sure he'll find a solution soon ;)

    yeah, it's fun visiting these shops and meeting old friends !!

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  5. hehe,so when we gonna see ur cressida back in action?hehe