January 10, 2010


This is the kushikatsu (skewered fried meat&veggies)
restaurant "Age-Age san" in Azabu Jyuban.
They are the Osaka style kushikatsu shop.
I can't read most of the signatures, but it seems like
lots of famous celebrities have come here before...

Just fried meats and veggies... still very hot !!!
Yes, fried stuff is bad for you, but we Japanese
LOVE fried foods !!

The typical Osaka style kushikatsu shops have
this strict rule...

"2 Do Tsuke Kinshi"

which means "no 2nd dipping".
So, you can dip your fresh piece of fried item that came
right out of the kitchen, but once you take a bite at it,
you cannot dip it for the second time !!

(they will seriously kick your butt if you do it !!)

"No 2nd Dipping !!" sign is everywhere in the store !!

It is because the dipping sauce is very special sauce
created after years and years (sometimes decades)
of saturation, so it's very precious !!

(if you say, "why don't they put it in a bottle and have
customers pour over their food...... hmm, better idea :P
But that might not be 'Osaka style' !)

And they had this wierd soy sauce bottle !!!
Do you guys remember Seigo Yamamoto, who used
to drive for Team Falken with his JZX100 Chaser ?
(later he drove FD-RX7, 240sx, RX-8)

He recently began a Osaka style kushikatsu shop in Osaka !!

So, if you ever visit the Kansai area, be sure to visit his
new shop and try the delicious kushikatsu !!!


  1. Damnnit, I was just in Osaka AND Azabu Jyuban and I had no idea! (no joke!). Guess I'll check them out next time...

  2. Slonie, did you already come back ?
    i should've updated my blog earlier, huh ? :P