January 26, 2010

First Drift 102 of the season !!!

Today we had a student from Mexico City named Chris.
He does stock car racing in Mexico, which made him
a quick learner in the both Drift 101 & 102 class !!
After the morning session with practice of all the
basic initiation techniques, he was already getting
hang of the typical 'Balcony' layout.

Today was a rough day (lucky day in a way...) because
we were able to experience both dry and wet conditions.

Chris had lots of struggles with the wet surface, but
with each run, his throttle got very smooth and he made
a couple of great runs in the difficult condition :)

Congrats to another Drift 102 Grad !!

Here's Drift 101 instructor JP getting close to the
hay barrier and looking at the camera !!
(actually... a split second later, his bumper scraped the hay ;)

Just before we finished for the day, we got poured
down by rain and I got soaked wet . . .

But it was a good start of the new season !!! ;)

I've been up for about 31hours, so maybe it's time to sleep....zzz.

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