January 20, 2010

some random food pics from Japan...

Here are some random pics of foods I had in Japan :

CoCo Ichiban Ya is a famous fast-food franchise
curry restaurant. Like most curry places, they have a level
of spicyness : mild, medium, spicy, very spicy, and...

hot 1, hot 2, hot 3,... all the way to hot 10 level.

And they have this rule that you have to finish the
'hot 5' level before you can try the 'hot 6' level.

Of course, since it was my first time at Coco Ichi, I tried 'hot 5' !!

It was extremely spicy hot !!!
Yes, I did finish it completely, but my stomach was numb for
another few hours !!
I'm now officially ready for 'hot 6' next time !!! ;)

After that 'hot' topic, here's a traditional Japanese dessert.
'Taiyaki' which literally means baked red snapper.
But it's basically a sweet red bean paste covered with
pancake like dough. It's crispy on the outside and so good !!
This one is from a very authentic place in Japan where
you'd have to wait for 3~4 hours to get one 'taiyaki'.

There are bunches of these 'fresh baked bread'
restaurants. Typically, you'd order a combo with
a soup or salad, and the bread bar where you can
eat unlimited dosage of fresh baked bread right from
the bakery behind the restaurant.

One of my favorite. 'Milcrepe' which is bunches
of crepe sandwiched by a thin layer of cream.

I went to this noodle shop called "Tongarashi" with
Miki-san and Maru-chan.
As you can see, my sauce is RED.
That's because it's x30 hotness.
It was very very good !!
Btw, Miki-san ate x60 hot !!!

Sausage on a stick sold at a convenience store
neat my house. Looks wierd, but tastes good !!

Talking about a wierd looking food, here's one !


No one felt sick and did bad bad stuff on the hot plate.
This is how 'monja yaki' looks like.

Despite it's looks, this is one of my favorite food in Tokyo !!

I was taken to this Japanese BBQ restaurant in Meguro.
They served this raw beef and this one was so fresh
that I was able to eat them as is.

So GOOD !!!

Of course, the other grilled meats were all excellent too !

The 'Om Rice' which is basically a omlett over rice.
One of the most famous 'western' Japanese food.

This is 'Kinako Pan'.
A fried bread with Kinako(Soy Bean) sugar powder.

In Japan, there's a school lunch called "Kyuushoku" in
elementary schools. And when I was a little kid in Japan,
my favorite kyuushoku dish was this Kinako pan !!

This is from a pancake shop in Yokohama called "Motoya".
This is 'Macha' (Green Tea) pancake.

Desserts in Japan is just unbelievably awesome !!! :)


  1. Kinako was my favorite kind of donut at Mr. Donut too!

  2. Slonie,
    mr. donut had kinako donut ? i should go try it next time !!

  3. singblue,
    yeah it's so nice over there. can't wait to go back again !! :)