February 28, 2010

close-up shots. . . . .

...of some classic JDM snacks.
This is 'Goma Rakka' from a historic shop called "Mame Gen"
in Azabu-Juban which is peanut inside a rice cracker ball
covered with black sesame seeds.

They also have 'Goma Daizu' which is very similar
only with soy bean inside and white sesame outside.
Just because there's the Afro-Dog peeking,
it is not a dog poop !!
It's a very traditional ancient sweet called 'Karintou'
from another famous shop called "Karinto"
also in Azabu-Juban.

This bee was wondering on my driveway and
I almost stepped on him !
But I rescued him on top of my zombie Chaser !!

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