February 24, 2010

Drift 102 @ NOS center's . . . . .

Last Saturday was the DriftDay/DriftPro's Drift 101/102
session in NOS Center at Orange Show in San Bernardino.
Usually we use inside the Stadium track, but there was a
little problem being overbooked by the Sprint Car practice
sessions.... so, we were moved to the parking lot.

I haven't been to this parking lot for a couple of
years and it brought back some memories.... :)

This day, we had a couple guys filming us for TV and
internet show. So maybe you'll see our session on
the screen soon ;)

Here's Naoki's baddest J30 that I've seen !!

There's Naoki with the Drift 101 student having
some fun going around the cones !

Look who showed up with his beat up RHD 180sx...
The OG drifter Alex Pfeiffer !!

Taka's new setup for 2010 season.

20" on Corolla. Looks like plenty of traction !!

I always like the sky with some clouds.
Such a nice day !!!

Here's my Drift 102 rental student Sera.
She has improved 200% since I saw her last time !
She is the upcoming young female stunt driver !!

Cyrus drifting the J30 gangster mobile !

And a nice sunset with tire skid marks :P

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