February 8, 2010

The 50 KAITENZ !!!

Introducing "The 50 Kaitenz" (The 50 RPM's)

Unbelievable Rock'n Roll performance by
three dorky dudes with wierd hair style !!!
Guitar : Danny
Bass : Dory
Drums : Bogie

Another awesomeness.

"Jonny Be Good" played by The 50 Kaitenz :

"Gokiburi Sanka" - The best song ever about the Japanese cockroaches !!!
(Japanese cockroaches called 'gokiburi' are feared amongst J-people because they are discusting, oily, big, and they fly !! But they've been around for more than 4million years....., so RESPECT!!)

"Sensou to Seijika" - War & Politicians

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