February 26, 2010

"Zombie" Chaser slowly getting . . . . .

parted out !! Finally...

Yes, I still had that car sitting on my driveway like a
dead zombie (wait, zombie is dead already...)
and I'm trying to part it out so I can trash it.
Took off the pumpkin and the axle shafts.
Super duper dirty from 5 years of heavy drifting.
Amazing how long OS Giken Super Lock LSD keeps working like new !!

Sparkling (?) clean !!
And ready for storage. (if I can find a space in my garage...)

I've been cooking rice with a pan lately, but
finally got a new JDM rice cooker !!

Now, with a push of a button I can enjoy the
fresh cooked rice (^0^)//
This cooker can also bake fresh bread.
Gotta try that function soon !!


  1. いつ遊びに行ってもいいですか?

  2. いつでもOKだよ。