March 20, 2010

bought some tires and bicycle !!

Prepping for the next Drift 102 session, I went to
Nexen tires to buy more rubber !!
Nexen tires lasts the longest in drifting compared to
any other tires I have used.
And the traction stays very consistent from new to bald :)

Perfect tire for practice sessions !!!

There's a bike track along the river near my house
and I've been wanting to go there for a few years,
but I didn't want to jog or walk. . . . .

So, I just bought this used bicycle.
(It says Panasonic, but it doesn't come with
CD changers or speakers.....)

Painted couple of rusty parts and it looks decent now :D
Time to work out my legs !!!

Oh, first I gotta remember how to ride it since
it's been sooooo long to hop on a two-wheeler :P

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hiro!

    Sweet! :) We used to make a bike, I think only in Japan. (I say we bcos I am work for Panny).

    Still, I am trying to get you to hook up a netcam in your garage to stream for your fans! :)

    Take care!