March 7, 2010

JDM Curry Rice !!!

Since the winter season is almost over, I'm finally
preparing for my snowboard trip.....

Because even if I make it up the mountains, I won't be
able to buy the ever-increasing price lift ticket !!
(especially because I ate sushi a couple of days ago...)

So, I've decided to chop up an onion instead.
The goggles came in handy to protect my eyes from
the tear emitting poison gas spraying out of this thing !!

I was dying without goggles last time, but this time
the onion is in pieces in no time without a single
drop of tears !!
(still gives me tears to look at this picture tho...)

Next is the harmless potato.
Only part that takes time is peeling off its skin,
but it's not so bad.

The potato also in pieces.
(doesn't it look like little chicks ? or is it just me...)

Since I don't like onions so much, I always grill
the crap out of it in the pan until it gets crystal clear !

I made the curry without any meat last time,
so I've decided to add some pork today.
This is 'mukin buta' (no-bacteria pork) from Mitsuwa.
I just put in half pack of this thing.
(i like pork more than beef or chicken especially for curry !!)

Cooking the onion, potato, carrots, and pork
with the proper amount of water.

After the veggies and meat is cooked enough,
it's time for the curry sauce mix.

It's virtually like melting a chocolate bar.

After enough curry sauce is mixed in, it finally
looks like JDM curry rice !!!

I've had this for the last several meals.
It's awesome because every time I re-heat it up on the stove
it tastes different because the longer you cook the curry sauce,
the better it tastes !! : )


  1. Golden Curryの回し者みたいになってますえ(笑


  2. ゴールデンだけ「大辛」があったからね~。