March 22, 2010

JustDrift's TopDrift 2010 Rd.1 @ Willow Springs Oval

I didn't get much sleep last night because my next door
neighbor was partying with music till 3:30am . . .

But I made it to the TopDrift Rd.1 at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway
Oval track

Today's judges were JTP, Henry, and myself.
Not much people in the stands because this was still
super early in the morning...

Driver having some fun during the morning practice session.
It was a pretty big turnout with more than 40 drivers !!

So awesome to see increasing amount of drivers in comeptition :D

Here's world famous Photographer, Larry Chen maneuvering his
mega-lens camera !!
In a couple of days, he should have his pics up in his website :

There's Mr. JustDrift Charlie, Nick from VegasDrift,
and Formula D Judge Ernie.

Can you spot them ? :)

The traditional waterfall shower for the winner !!
Congrats to the top 3 podium finishers :

1st : David Briggs
2nd : Ryan Kado
3rd : Steve Chan

Also, thanks to all other drivers that came out to participate.
You guys all tried your best and good luck at the next round
at the Horse Thief Mile !!

Next door at the Streets of Willow, the celebrities were
practicing for the Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.


  1. the new drifting season was start

  2. en6381,
    yup, it's finally starting !!
    it should be a good year ;)