March 28, 2010

My "zombie" Chaser is officially DEAD !!!

After the huge crash at Monterrey, Mexico a couple of years ago,
my Chaser has been sitting like a dry zombie on my driveway...
I had lots of memories with the car, so I didn't know what to do
with it even when it couldn't run anymore...

But it was taking up too much space, so I finally decided
to trash it and send it away !!

It's probably chopped up into pieces by now. . . . . .

I was able to get my first D1 Grand Prix license with this car


get my second podium finish at New Jersey in Formula D 2006 !!!
(first one was with my AE86 at Atlanta)

Thank you my "zombie" Chaser !!!


  1. Byebye chaser! I didnt get a chance to ride with it but im sure it was a beast.

  2. I remember riding in it when you first got it. It was still a normal Chaser!

  3. Bomac,
    yeah, it only pushed like 310hp, but it was a 'beast' in its own way ;)

    it was already rusted pretty bad... it's gonna rust into dust now.

    ahhh, that must be when it was still white. good old days !!

  4. thats sad

    good luck this season, Hiro!

  5. Isidro,
    thanks man !
    yup, it's sad but it had to go...

  6. you gave me a ride in this car at the oval a longgggggg time ago, that was my first fast car drifting experience

  7. Kelvin,
    haha~, that's cool that you remember it !!
    looks like you have my relative as your mechanic ?!