March 5, 2010

sushi dinner at KURA

I've been cooking and eating at home for the last few weeks
to save money.....

But a friend of mine Shacho~ invited me for a dinner at
revolving sushi restaurant "KURA" in Irvine.
(Corner of Alton and Jamboree)
Here's Dai, Shingo chan, and Shacho~ !!
(I had the waitress take the pic of all of us, but it was blurred beyond recognition...)
We got there around 7:30pm, but it was so packed
that we had to wait for almost an hour to sit down.

Various selections of sushi is revolving around the
whole restaurant !!

This was my favorite dish : 'seared salmon belly'
I had like 4 dishes of this !!! :P

Although sushi is not the cheapest Japanese food,
each plate being $2, it's easy to calculate how much
you are eating without unnecessary surprises : )

Now I've gotta fasten for a couple of days to save money
again, but it was a good dinner and lots of fun 'guys talk' ; )

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