April 25, 2010

Angels game vs NY Yankees

I've been living in Anaheim for like 5 years now, but
this was my first time watching the game since I've moved here.
I want to put this stone baseball in my back yard !!

The stadium was pretty packed with more than
43,000 fans !!

Of course, I came to watch this new player
who just came from NY Yankees.

Yankee's pitcher, Pettit was pitching awesome
all day, but Matsui managed to get 2 hits out of 5AB.

Since Angels were getting their butt kicked,
lots of people left early and for the last inning
we moved to the closer seat to get this pic up close :)

I guess it's not all that bad being at the losing home game... :P

I still feel that he look a bit strange in the new
red Angels uniform !

After the game was over, we stopped by the
merchandise shop and found these two Japanese celebrity.

Guys in the black suit is Motoki, the famous ex-baseball
player from Tokyo Yomiuri Giants.
And the guy in the white shirt is the famous comedian
Yamazaki from a duo called Untouchable !!

That was pretty cool !!!

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