April 18, 2010

City Tire Service !

I went to City Tire Service in South Gate to get my
truck tires changed !!
The old tires still had tons of tread left, but the sidewalls
were starting to crack from it sitting on the street for too long.

I decided to be 'safe than sorry' because it would be hell
when I get a flat while I'm towing my drift car !!

Haven't seen this City Tire 350Z for a looong time !!
The cage looked nice with new aluminum silver paint.

This cute dog sat behind me and kept sniffing my ears !!
WTF ?! Haha~~~

While I was playing with the dog (forgot to ask his name...)
my truck tires were all new !!!

Now I can tow to places worry free !! (Hopefully...)

Order and get your tires changed at City Tire for excellent
price and service :
(ask for John)

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