April 14, 2010

Driving for commercial shoot !!

After being at Formula D Long Beach for 2 whole days,
I was super tired from standing all the time. . . . .

But I got this last minute job to perform as the second
precision driver for a commercial shoot for a car
manufacter !!
(can't say which car because that's confidential material... ;)
I went to bed pretty late but had to get up at 3:00AM
to get here at Lancaster at 5:30AM !!! ZZZzzz...

WHO are these guys ??? a girl ?

That's the main precision driver Carl Rydquist
(Driver for City Tire drift team)
with a girl wig to double for the brunette model.

I was doubling for a Danish male model, so although
I didn't have to wear a wig, I had these wardrobe !!
I liked this Johnny Depp looking glasses :P

We were always being chased or chasing this cool
flat black Mercedes Benz camera car !!!

Carl and I at the end of the day !!
(Thanks Chad from LA Prep for taking the picture!)

Super windy and we got sand all over ourselves...
even inside out mouth !!

The place was surrounded by these fabuous
Joshua Tree !!!
These trees have stinging hard leaves to protect themselves.

When I see Joshua Tree, I always remember the
U2 album from the 80's.

I was heading into the sand storm on my way home !

Since I only had few hours sleep for the last 3 days,
I did lose consciousness once while driving home...
but got home safe !! ;)

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