April 9, 2010

Formula D Long Beach Qualifying Day

Today I spent all day here at the starting grid...

helping Taka and Cyrus, the Team Megan !

Here's the two purple Megan sponsored cars during morining practice.

Doug, the Formula D's official starter let's them go !

Alex Pfeiffer is back on the Team Tanaka Vette !!

Here's Takatori with the new team, new car.
He was struggling heavily with the engine issue, but
with miracle driving he qualified !

Ken Gushi in the new scheme Scion TC with the
new 2.4 Liter engine !!

One of the prettiest cars out there, Mad Mike's RX-8 !

Mr. John Russakoff in new graphics.
Falken's new RT615 K seems to be gripping hard !!

Lots of guys from JustDrift were here like :
Matt Powers, Tommy Roberts, Matt Fields,
Dave Blunt, Jeff Abbott, and Gallagher.

Cyrus giving the thumbs up as Doug points at him...

He goes out for the qualifying run !

Taka's new re-designed J-Blood body kit !!

There goes Taka for his qualifying run !!

As the result, Taka made the Top 32 for tomorrow's
tandem battle.
Cyrus did miss the cut, but it was his first time driving
the Long Beach course, so I hope it was a good experience !!

I'm burned and tireeeeeed !!!!

See you guys tomorrow.... ciao !

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